Reflections on Week 8 – Exploring Contexts

During the week’s presentations we learned more about the different contexts in which photography can be placed. This is something that is in some respects unique to photography compared to other art forms as there is so much diversity in the way in which photography can be presented. There are many different homes for photography such as in a gallery exhibition or in the various forms of print (journal, magazine, newspaper or a book) and also online on photographer websites and blogs. There are also many different ways in which photographs can be displayed in each of these homes – large scale single photographs, a series of photographs, photographs with or without text, photographs accompanied by audio, the list goes on.

Personally I am not sure right now quite how my main project will be displayed although a few commented when reviewing my work in progress in Paris that there was scope for a book. The presentations have given me food for thought and it is an area that I want to explore much further. I have just ordered a book about context and narrative in photography to learn more about this and it will be something that I pay attention to much more when viewing other photographers’ work going forward.

This week we also started to build our own galleries for our work in progress. I used my Wix website to put together a quick gallery with some of my work from my wanderings in Dubai to facilitate the tutorial discussion and also get some initial feedback from my peers (

The feedback received was quite positive. I have since researched a few websites of documentary photographers and have concluded that I prefer the images to be full screen to the extent possible. I think my current gallery showing all of the images is too distracting and that there are better ways in which to display work. Links to some examples of websites that I think are really effective are copied below. I will be aiming for something more like these in the coming weeks. I also need to consider to what extent narrative will accompany my work as well as how I can best protect my personal work that is displayed on my website.