Week 4 – The Filters of Citizen Journalism

The readings for this week included some articles about the different uses of technology within photojournalism – namely the iphone and the app hipstamatic.

I read these articles a bit later than everyone else but I agreed wholeheartedly with a fellow student’s comment “why such a fuss? If I eat a beautiful meal in a lovely restaurant, I really don’t mind if it was made in a century’s old pot or the latest Sous Vide. It’s how it looks and tastes that matters. Surely then it is only how the image looks and feels that matters, not the means chosen to create it.” 

David Alan Harvey mentioned in a recent talk that I went to that the best camera is the one with you. This is often said by many photographers but it is so true. If we appreciate a photograph for what it is then why does it matter what camera has been used to take it? It is still a great photograph.