Micro Commission

This week I was provided with a micro commission from one of my peers. The brief was as follows:

What/who to be included in shot – Produce an image of a public transport vehicle, example, bus, train, etc., as long as it’s a form of public transport. Can include people, but not a requirement as long as it creates the look expected below.

What’s expected – The pictures need to show the energy & mechanical aspects of the vehicle. I want the image to be viewed from an engineering aspect as this image will be used to advertise the work of Engineers and recruitment of new engineers. So in other words make the Vehicle stand out or the aspects of the workmanship for young engineers to be inspired.

It was hard to be get very close to the mechanical aspects of the public transport. I was ushered away by security at one point. The photographs show the three main aspects of the public transport system in Dubai, the metro, the tram and the bus network, as well as some of the supporting infrastructure. I tried to be a little creative in the time provided for the exercise (just 2 hours – although I had to spend a little longer than this given the need to move around the city a bit) and tried to get as close as possible in the circumstances. Hopefully the photographs may provide a little inspiration to young engineers.


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