My Purpose as a Photographer

I am a photographer that seeks to educate through a lens on society. As a photographer I strive to be humble and to treat all subjects with respect and dignity. I seek to avoid stereotyping individuals and groups, as well as to recognise and avoid presenting any of my own biases in my work.

I am responsible for working within the boundaries of the relevant national laws that relate to my photographic practice.

I am answerable to my subjects and I will deal with any issues that are sensitive in an appropriate manner so as to not put them at risk of reprisal.

My subjects, my clients and the public are answerable to me as an image maker. My subjects should provide written or verbal consent to being photographed. My clients should respect the terms of our agreement and respect the ethics that I stand for as a photographer. The public should respect the work that I create and the ownership rights to the images.


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