Week 2 Forum – Other than Photography

As part of our studies for week 2, we were asked to think away from photography and to find a piece of work that has some kind of link to our own practice or research interests.

Being a Mancunian, I have always enjoyed the works of LS Lowry. His work has been divisive with many criticising his limited ability and mediocre paintings, however I have always been drawn to his works and his observations of a city before my time. I am attracted to his paintings of industrial landscapes and the working class at that time.


Lowry. 1959. Going to Work. The Lowry [online]. Available at http://www.thelowry.com/ls-lowry/microsite/art/industrial-scenes/going-to-work/ (Links to an external site.) [accessed 26/09/16]

Following an exhibition at the Tate in 2013, Jeanette Winterton commented in an article in The Guardian that “Lowry’s pictures unsettle the myth of our land of hope and glory, blowing the cover story of capitalism: freedom and choice. Look at a Lowry and you are looking at a rebuke to that class whose wealth depends upon the ceaseless labour of others.” (Winterton, 2013)

When I look at the GCC, I see similarities with this photograph and the vast number of workers from South Asian countries who have greatly contributed to the development of their cities in recent years.

There were some great contributions to this forum which provided me with some magnificent insights to all sorts of “other things”. I must admit my head started to wonder somewhat during this exercise as I explored various other aspects of art. Having been sat at a desk in the finance world for years this was a complete change for me and really opened my mind.


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